What construction impacts can we expect?


There may be road closures immediately around the construction site for specific construction activities. The project will involve removing demolished viaduct materials from the site and bringing in materials for the new viaduct, including concrete. These activities may produce noise and dust in the immediate area around the construction. The construction traffic may also increase the general traffic congestion around the project area.  All mitigation measures included in the approved Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement will be incorporated and monitored for compliance.

The general contractor will do everything to the best of its ability to monitor and limit any impacts on the local residents, tenants, and property owners around the project area, including the installation of noise monitoring equipment. The general contractor will notify local residents, property owners, business owners, and interested stakeholders in the area of construction activities. The general contractor will continue to work closely with businesses impacted by street closures and traffic congestion to ensure that they can develop alternative routes for their business operations. The project team will make announcements on the project website and social media pages to let the public know that businesses are open during construction activities.