Will local artists be highlighted, hired, etc? What public art is being planned on each side of the bridge and why? How was this decided?


In June 2014, the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) selected local artist Glenn Kaino to design the public art component of the viaduct. Chosen from a strong group of local and international candidates, Kaino works in a range of media, including sculpture, installation, video and performance. Kaino’s grandparents and great-grandparents were long-time residents of Boyle Heights, and he spent more than 15 years living in the Arts District. During his presentation to the Artist Selection Committee, Kaino emphasized the need to engage local communities and honor the viaduct’s significance as an iconic crossing that connects the Downtown Arts District and Boyle Heights.

Councilmember Huizar earlier worked with DCA to establish a Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) to assist with the development of a vision for the Viaduct’s public art component. Honoring the PAAC’s vision as a framework, an Artist Selection Committee comprised of local arts experts identified a list of candidates to work on the bridge’s art component. Kaino was then selected by the Committee from a group of top five finalists.