Sixth Street Viaduct 3D Self-Guided Tour

The Sixth Street Viaduct is opening this summer. If you are looking to get a sneak peek, this is your chance!
This virtual tour will help you explore the unique features and state-of-the-art engineering of this Los Angeles icon, the largest bridge project in the history of Los Angeles.

Navigating the 3D Self Guided Tour:


Highlights Bar: At the bottom of the image, you will see a highlights bar. By clicking on the highlight boxes, you will be able to explore different features of the viaduct. Open and close the highlights bar by clicking on the arrow button.
Red Buttons: Click on the red buttons anywhere along the viaduct to learn more about different features. You can also click and drag the cursor to move around and get the full 3D experience.


We’ll see you soon on the completed viaduct. Until then, enjoy the virtual tour!