Fact Sheets

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General Information

The Arches


The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering’s Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project is the largest bridge project in the history of Los Angeles. The new structure crosses the Los Angeles River and will connect the Downtown Arts District and historic Boyle Heights.

The viaduct will provide exceptional pedestrian and bicycle access, and safer traffic and goods movement. The $588 million project is funded by the Federal Highway Transportation Administration, the California Department of Transportation, and the City of Los Angeles. The new viaduct will be completed in Summer of 2022.

The Project

The Bureau of Engineering, under the leadership of City Engineer Gary Lee Moore and in partnership with the City’s Bureau of Contract Administration, is leading the Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project.

The design of the new bridge, known as “The Ribbon of Light,” was created by HNTB and Los Angeles architect Michael Maltzan. Construction is led by contractor Skanska Stacy and Witbeck, a Joint Venture.

The new viaduct is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2022. 

Access & Community Amenities

  • Sidewalks on each side of the viaduct will vary from 8’ to 14’ in width.

  • 10’ wide Class IV protected bike lanes will run along each side of the viaduct.

  • The east ramp will be a 3.5 level helical structure connected by paths to both north and south sides.

  • The helix will be 790’ long, 12’ wide, and 45’ tall.

  • The south side structure ramp is 640’ long.

  • There will be a 510’ long west ramp from the north side of the deck to the ground near Mateo Ave.

  • There will be five sets of stairs connecting the viaduct to the spaces underneath.

Sixth Street PARC

When the viaduct is complete, the Bureau of Engineering will begin construction of the Sixth Street Park, Arts and River Connectivity Improvements Project (PARC), 12 acres of open and recreational space under the viaduct, including access to the LA River, an arts plaza, public art and numerous community amenities. 

The Arches

  • There are 10 pairs of arches.

  • Arches have a 9-degree outward cant and support the bridge deck with a cable network.

  • Cables have a 2 3⁄4” diameter.

  • The arches are 10’ wide, with a typical arch span of 300’.

  • There are three different arch heights on the new viaduct:

    Over the railroads: 60’ - 2 pairs Over US 101: 40’ - 1 pair Remaining arches: 30’ - 7 pairs.