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July Newsletter
The Sixth Street Viaduct is Officially Open!
The Sixth Street Viaduct held a weekend-long grand opening celebration on July 9th and 10th with music, food, local vendors, a vintage car display, and a lowrider tribute. Thousands of pedestrians, bicyclists and many other Angelenos made their way to the viaduct to capture views of the downtown skyline and join in on the festivities.
Saturday's Celebration
Over 15,000 community members joined the day-long celebration including a low-rider tribute, sampling of LA street food truck culture, and a spectacular music lineup featuring Ozomatli, La Sonora Dinamita, Buyepongo and El Triste and La Smiley. Saturday’s celebration wrapped up with a fireworks display and the official lighting of the bridge.
Sunday's Celebration
Sunday’s celebration continued with access to bikes and pedestrians only. The day’s events highlighted the connection between the Arts District and Boyle Heights, with a symbolic bike ride and run led by Gary Lee More, City Engineer, the Boyle Heights Bridge Runners and the Skid Row Running Club. They became the first individuals to run and ride across the 3,500-foot-long bridge. At 7 pm, motorized vehicles were granted access to the viaduct, led by a low rider parade featuring Councilmember Kevin DeLeon (CD14) in the lead car.
Thank You!
On behalf of the Bureau of Engineering, thank you for sharing your special grand opening celebration memories. Click below to view some of our favorite memories. Enjoy!
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