May 2017


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Hi, my name is Gary Lee Moore, City Engineer for the City of Los Angeles. The $482 million Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project is the largest bridge project in the history of Los Angeles. The Bureau of Engineering started construction of the new viaduct last year and we expect to be done at the end of 2020. During that time we will be sending out monthly newsletters to share our progress on the viaduct and to keep you up to date on the latest news, information and events. Thank you for your interest and continued support! 


East Side Viaduct Construction 

Construction of the new Sixth Street Viaduct has begun! There are already 12 ten­foot diameter piles in the ground and the abutment has been constructed on the east side of the viaduct next to the 101 freeway. You'll see more and more of the viaduct rise above ground in the months to come. 


Sixth Street Viaduct PARC Planning 

Community involvement has been a top priority throughout the design and construction of the Sixth Street Viaduct and the Sixth Street Park, Arts, River and Connectivity Improvements Project (Sixth Street PARC), the 12­acre park that will be built under the new viaduct.

In February, the Bureau of Engineering and Council District 14 held community meetings to discuss what project neighbors want to see and do in the Sixth Street PARC. The meetings were attended by hundreds of people and a survey was completed by more than 1,000 people.

On March 28th and 30th, we held two more community meetings and presented three preliminary design concepts. Attendees were asked to share with us what they liked and didn't like about each and that feedback will be used to develop the next phase of the design, which will be shared this summer.

For people who could not attend the March meetings, the three preliminary concepts are available on our website at We encourage everyone to review the materials and complete the survey questions. Your input will help create the future design and programming of the Sixth Street PARC.

Also on May 3rd at 6:00 p.m. at the Puente Learning Center in Boyle Heights, Engineering will hold a meeting as part of the Sixth Street PARC’s Environmental Impact Report process. 


Local Workers, Local Pride: Elvia Medina del Rio 

By Arturo Gonzalez

One of the people working on the Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project is Elvia Medina del Rio, a single mother of four children.

Elvia found out about the job opening through a close friend who is also a union member and decided to take a chance.

Last year, Elvia applied for a job working on the demolition of the old viaduct. Along with 14 other women, she joined the job training program. Elvia was one of seven women who completed the training.

“I told myself that I could do this," said Elvia. "This work is not only for men, we can do it, too."

Elvia had words of praise for the people and contractors working on the demolition of the old viaduct. She is pleased that both her bosses and her co­workers made her feel like part of the team from the very beginning. She is proud of her work and is happy to be seen as a role model for other women considering construction work.

“I think times are changing. Women are leaving fear behind and are seizing the opportunities that the construction industry offers,” Elvia added. 


About the Project

The Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project is a new, 3,500­foot long viaduct connecting Boyle Heights and the Arts District across the Los Angeles River. The original viaduct was built in 1932, but had significantly deteriorated due to "concrete cancer"; it was demolished in 2016. The new viaduct will have ten pairs of lit arches, bike lanes and wider sidewalks, along with stairway access and bike ramps connecting to 12 acres of recreational and open space under the bridge. The $482 million dollar project is the largest bridge project in the history of the city. The bridge is funded primarily through the Federal Highway Administration, with additional City support. The viaduct is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

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Stay Involved!

For Elvia, working for the Laborers Local 300 union on the Sixth Street Viaduct has brought her the higher pay rate that union members working in the construction industry receive.

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