Project Team

City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering

Executive Team

  • Gary Lee Moore, PE, City Engineer
  • Alfred Mata, PE, Deputy City Engineer
  • Mary Nemick, Director of Communications

Project Team

  • Julie Allen, PE, Program Manager
  • Julia Sanchez de la Vega, PE, Sr. Civil Engineer
  • Shay Doong, PE, Sr. Civil Engineer
  • Gary Lam, PE, Sr. Civil Engineer (PARC Project)
  • Karen Keal, PE, SE, Structural Engineer
  • Natalie Moore, PE, Acting Civil Engineer
  • Laura Mojica, Sr. Management Analyst
  • Ravil Manapov, Civil Engineering Associate
  • Fausto Miguel Camarena, Civil Engineering Associate
  • Elizabeth Zelaya, Senior Administrative Clerk

Real Estate

  • Uri Jimenez, Chief Real Estate Officer

 City of Los Angeles Bureau of Contract Administration

  • John Reamer, Jr., Inspector of Public Works and General Manager
  • Brett McReynolds, Chief Construction Inspector
  • Todd Eller, Lead Inspector

 City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation

  • Maurice Camacho, Transportation Engineer

 City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting

  • Mary Jane Meer, Division Manager
  • Romel Bravo, Street Lighting Engineering Associate

 Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

  • Liz Crossen
  • Jennifer McDowell

 14th Council District

  • Nate Hayward, Capital Projects Director
  • Katie Kiefer, DTLA Public Works & Transportation Director

 City Administrative Officer of Los Angeles

  • Bernyce Hollins
  • Lisa Johnson-Smith

 Office of The Chief Legislative Analyst

  • Matias Farfan
  • Matthew Shade

 Federal Highway Administration

  • Omar Elkassed, Senior Transportation Engineer

 California Department of Transportation

  • Steve Novotny, Chief, District 7 Local Assistance

 T.Y. Lin International Group

  • Karen Cormier, Resident Engineer
  • Hooshang Alishahi, Structure Representative


  • Michael Jones, Structural Engineer

Michael Maltzan Architecture

  • Michael Maltzan, Design Principal


  • Chris Serroels, Project Manager


  • Farzad Vakilitabar, Field Engineer

 Skanska Stacy and Witbeck (SSW) - Construction Manager / General Contractor

  • Mike Aparicio, Skanska
  • Clayton Gilliland, Stacy and Witbeck