Anticipated Construction Milestones

Winter 2021

First pair of concrete arches over 1010 freeway are revealed when wood frames are removed

Strip Arch Ribs Span 12

Spring 2021

The network of cables connecting each of the bridge’s arches to the deck will be installed and tightened for the first span of the bridge over the 101 freeway.

Span 12 North and South Initial Tension of Cables

Summer 2021

Placement of the concrete driving surface over the LA River.

Pour Deck Span 5

Fall 2021

The pair of concrete arches over Mission Road will be revealed.

Strip Arch Ribs Span 7

Winter 2022

The multi-level helical pedestrian ramp at Mission Road will be revealed.

Strip Falsework North East Bike Ramp Pedestrian Bridge

Spring 2022

Installation of bridge lighting and traffic control finishes.

Bridge Finishes – Viaduct Striping and Bollards

Summer 2022


The Bridge’s traffic lanes, bike lanes, and sidewalks will open to the public.

Final Completion